Meet Our Matching Funds Donor: Rex Jones

Haca MisAmplify Austin

HACA’s nonprofit Austin Pathways raised $61,190 during Amplify Austin. One hundred
percent of the funds, generously donated by 159 individuals, community partners and local
Businesses. To provide direct support for scholarship and self-sufficiency programs.
HACA and Austin Pathways have awarded more than 500 scholarships to public and affordable housing
residents since 2001.

This year Rex Jones of Apartment Management Professionals and his
staff, matched $15,000 of funds donated. “We know the difference that a bus pass to school can make,” Jones said. “Our team is proud to help.”

Thanks to all who donated and shared Austin Pathways on
social media. We hope you will continue to support us next year!

For more information, visit
To volunteer for Amplify Austin 2021, contact Catherine Crago at (512) 477-4488 or