Broadband for America’s Future

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Publisher: Benton Institute for Broadband & SocietyConnecting our entire nation through High-Performance Broadband will bring remarkable economic, social, cultural, and personal benefits. Open, affordable, robust broadband is the key to all of us reaching for - and achieving - the American Dream. Read More

Disrupting Food Insecurity

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Publisher: Urban Institute Tapping data for strategies that tackle the root causes: A report of the Urban Institute was informed in part by a focus group at Gaston Place October 22, 2019 An estimated 40 million Americans—including 12.5 million children—struggle with food insecurity, meaning they can’t afford an adequate diet. Federal nutrition programs and charitable meals make up the first line of defense, but solving this challenge will require communities to go beyond food to disrupt the root causes of economic distress.This ... Read More

Smart Cities and Digital Equity

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Publisher: Media Democracy Fund and Robert W Deutsch Foundation. Some Cities Have Found Ways to Pursue Both, but Federal Policy May Hinder Progress John B. Horrigan, PhD Overview Cities across the United States are trying to become “smart cities,” as they invest in digital technologies to help monitor the environment, enhance mobility, and improve the delivery of municipal services. Some of the technologies enabling the smart city, such as 5G wireless networks and autonomous vehicles, occupy the “inflated expectations” portion ... Read More