Capstone Title Partners with Austin Pathways to Help Promote Education of Low-Income Austinites

Haca MisDigital Inclusion, Education

Austin Pathways is happy to announce a partnership with Capstone Title, a premier real estate organization in Austin, Texas. Capstone Title has generously donated $10,000 to help Austin Pathways in its mission to expand digital inclusion, job training, and educational opportunities for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin’s 19,000 residents.

“We’re so excited to support this wonderful, community-focused organization and spread the word so more people can know about them,” said Capstone Title CEO and President Brad Compere. “Not only is Austin Pathways a real estate-related organization – but they are a perfect fit for our values – community, service, and helping people achieve their full potential.”

In addition to their partnership, the Capstone team plans to volunteer with Austin Pathways throughout the year. The donation will help seven to 10 Austin Pathways scholars, helping them grow, break the cycle of poverty and contribute to Austin’s rich social, cultural and economic life.

“We are proud of our partnership with Capstone Title,” said Austin Pathways Executive Vice President Sylvia Blanco. “Capstone is stepping up its leadership in our community to help more low-income persons in need. We look forward to working with the Capstone team on volunteer opportunities, including mentorship of Austin Pathways scholars.”