Are You A HACA Resident?

Can You:

  • Advocate for change in your community
  • Learn about different technologies that can help HACA residents work, learn, and play smarter
  • Travel to local companies to learn new skills
  • Earn a volunteer stipend to learn and teach

What is an Ambassadors Role?

  • Assist residents as they learn new technical skills at HACA properties
  • Be the front line support by providing feedback that will improve the communities digital impact
  • Train residents on new skills to encourage their trust in technology
  • Research whether Smart City efforts help or hurt the community
  • Work side-by-side with a team of Smart City engineers at a local University
  • Test new technologies to ensure they are built with the community in mind
  • Help design, implement, and evaluate the Smart City Program with Ambassadors
  • Track and monitor completion of resident services, learning and workforce development goals
  • Continuously improve the Smart City Program
  • Learn to use social media to tell stories that inspire the community
  • Educate HACA residents about Smart City jobs by visiting local corporations
  • Evaluate partnerships to help HACA residents and advocate for meaningful Smart City efforts


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