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Moving forward together

Empowering residents to be the champions of their own cause


Jobs Plus is a new HUD program that is designed to implement complete immersion with public housing residents at Booker T. Washington Terraces and Chalmers Courts with tools to work their way to long-term employment and self-sufficiency. The Jobs Plus team consists of a collaborative group of partner organizations who specialize in various employment, educational, and financial literacy services. Residents receive financial incentives that make work pay by building a community that will empower and celebrate the achievements of residents pursuing self sufficiency goals.

The Jobs Plus team is committed to empowering residents to meet their goals by connecting them to partner organizations. These organizations will help residents with:
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  • Job readiness training
  • Career counseling
  • Job placement services
  • Entrepreneurial training to start a business
  • Support for career advancement
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  • Adult Basic Education
  • GED or High School diploma obtainment
  • Computer literacy training
  • Rapid workforce development curriculum
  • College enrollment
  • Scholarship and other financial aid
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Become a Liason

Are you a leader in your community? Have you finished school or worked recently? Do you like to talk to your neighbors, share information and encourage their success? You may be just the person to work for Jobs Plus ATX as a Jobs Plus Community Liaison. Community Liaisons are residents of Chalmers Courts or Booker T. Washington Terraces that work 10-20 hours per week on behalf of Jobs Plus. In addition, employment success will be celebrated by the whole community. Jobs Plus will be hosting a variety of events such as: Hiring fairs, Various recreational activities, Gatherings for Jobs Plus participants and community members, and Events that recognize and celebrate major achievements.

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Financial Incentives

Jobs Plus  also offers incentives for getting and sticking with a job. By signing up for Jobs Plus, residents become eligible for Jobs Plus Earned Income Disregard (JPEID) When a resident is on JPEID, 0 percent of their wages from new employment or an increase in earnings at current employment are counted when calculating rent. This means that residents’ rents will not increase because of an increase in earned income. Financial coaching and training will be available to all participants. Jobs Plus staff will 100% empowerment as residents move their way up in the career of their choice and on their way to earning higher wages and becoming financially independent.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Jobs Plus participant or Community Liaison, please contact Kate Levell at Katel@hacanet.org or call (512)477-4488 ext. 3415
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Booker T. Washington Terraces

Murphy Roland
(512) 621-3105

Nancy Garcia
(512) 762-5627

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Chalmers Courts

Tiffany Middleton
(512) 766-1404

Daniel Ruiz
(512) 477-4488 ext. 3414

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