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Our Vision

We envision neighborhoods where poverty is
alleviated, residents are healthy and safe, and
all people have the opportunity to achieve
their full potential.

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What is a Community Health Worker?

HACA launched “Bringing Health Home” (BHH) to bring health and wellness education to residents at Booker T. Washington. BHH is made possible by a grant from the St. David’s Foundation, and a partnership with UT Dell Medical School.

In its first few months, BHH has already had several successful events with residents at Booker T. Washington. This innovative approach of bringing wellness awareness directly to residents, where they live, was on display at the official BHH launch party in the Spring of 2019.

“It was inspiring to pause and witness over 90 attendees flow throughout our launch party,” said Rodolfo L. Rodríguez, Director of Health & Wellness Ecosystem.

“I’ve always known that our program would have a powerful impact on BTW residents, but this feeling magnified when I saw a single dad and his three sons participating in breathing exercises once they learned that their favorite athlete does yoga,” Rodolfo noted after the successful launch.

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