Connecting Economic Mobility Practitioners in Online Community

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Publisher: Center for Applied Research, Johns Hopkins University

By Libby Solomon

The Center for Applied Public Research, has launched a pilot program connecting public sector employees across the country around the topic of economic mobility.

The Economic Mobility Policy Forum, the first of its kind, kicked off this month with two webinars led by Policy Fellows, competitively chosen public sector leaders who have demonstrated in-the-field success. Topics discussed included gentrification, food systems, housing, education, and attempts to leverage technology and data to help low-income people.

“It’s great to have so many people from all over, working on different aspects of economic mobility, come together and share their experiences and challenges,” said Meg Burke, Community of Practice Manager for the Center for Applied Public Research. “Bringing these people together really drives home that no person or place can solve these problems alone.”

A cohort of 36 founding members from city and county governments, nonprofits, and school districts have joined the Policy Forum. The network offers members a low-cost opportunity to engage with peers and talk about boosting economic mobility, sharing solutions and connecting across geographic barriers in a dynamic way.

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