HACA Launched a Resident & Client Support Center

In this time of crisis, our residents might be experiencing isolation, fear, uncertainty and barriers to basic needs. HACA’s goal is to ensure our residents have a place to call where a live person will answer the phone, provide: (1) accurate and consistent information about changes at HACA due to COVID19, the latest city orders, or about the virus and how to protect yourself; (2) a friendly ear, (3) information about the services available in their specific area, such as food distributions or testing centers; and lastly, this is also an opportunity to collect resident contact information and preferences. This call center is also starting to be used for census outreach and call-in numbers are at 1000.00 over a few days.

Census Outreach Program

HACA received two grants to recruit and train resident “Count Coaches” who will help their neighbors at HACA properties with education and support to increase census participation and completion.
  • 22 adults and two youth residents have signed up to be “Count Coaches” or team Leads.
  • 24 Residents have completed the initial census outreach training provided by United Way
  • Trained teams of “Count Coaches” began outreach in February.

HACA Census Magazine

The March and April HACA Census Magazine Covers which we send out to over 1,000 residents via Facebook and Constant Contact. The covers and the contents are created by the Volunteer residents who mostly had no experience creating magazines or engaging residents via online or social media platforms.

Workforce Magazine April 2020

Texas Response rates for our Housing properties

Booker T Washington 46.8
 Santa Rita 41.4%,
 Meadowbrook  49.8%
 Rosewood & Salina 48.0%
 North Loop 50%,
Chalmers 41.4%,
Thurmond 35.1%.
Georgian 40.5%
Shadowbend 54.4%
Manchaca Village 63.9%
As of 4/21/2020